Johannesburg, South Africa

Rosin Press V4.0 (6,10,20 Ton)


Version 4.0

Designed and manufactured in South Africa.

A Rosin Press is for anyone who wants to produce their own clean solventless Cannabis Oil using heat and pressure. The end concentrate can be turned into THC or CBD Oil Capsules, Balms, Tinctures, Creams, Edibles, Eliquids or Smoked. The possibilities are endless!


– 6/10/20 Ton Max Pressure
– 300W Heating (4 x 75W)
– Max Temperature 110°C
– Dual Plate Temperature Monitoring
– Dual Plate Temperature Control
– Aluminium Plate Size: 160mm x 120mm
– 1 Year Warranty


– Nationwide Shipping
– Storage Box
Silicon Rosin Storage Container
Glass Rosin Storage Container
Silicon Tipped Collection Tool
10m x 450mm Parchment Paper Roll
– Filter Bag

Whats new in Version 4.0 :

– Widened the heated Aluminium Plate to accommodate larger filter bags.
– Narrowed the heated Alunimum Plate to encourage run off.
– Widened the Steel Plates to create more working space.
– Lowered the base for improved center of gravity and stability.
– Replaced 4 x 200W heating elements with 4 x 75W heating elements for improved temperature stability and energy efficiency.
– New ergonomic top handle for improved pressing stability, transportability and aesthetic.
– New non slip ergonomic hydraulic pump handle for improved comfort and aesthetic.
– New Rosin Press South Africa Logo sticker

Unit choice guideline: Consider material types and quantities:

– 6 Ton: Hash/Bubble Hash/Flower in small quantities (5g-8g)
– 10 Ton: Hash/Bubble Hash/ Flower in medium quantities (10g-20g)
– 20 Ton: Flower/Trimmings in bulk (25g-40g)


– This completed stock is not on hand and still needs to be assembled. Next available shipping dates are for the week starting 3rd of May. Your estimated shipping date will be emailed to you at the time your order is placed and paid for.


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6 Ton, 10 Ton, 20 Ton


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