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Solventless Cannabis Oil

Hydraulic Pressure

Select from our home and commercial range of 6, 10, 12, 20 Ton manual and semi-automated hydraulic options.

Temperature Control

All of our presses have dual temperature controllers for ultimate monitoring and control of both top and bottom plates.


Our plate size and pressure capacity pairings offer great material capacity and yields.


Our designs are optimized to provide value and functionality, no frills. All units include a 1 year warranty and a lifetime of technical and mechanical support.


Contact us anytime to access 5 years of Rosin Press manufacture and extraction experience.

Other services

More than a Rosin Press manufacturer

Rosin Press Sales

We facilitate the safe sale and transport of all preloved Rosin Presses. All press models, Rosin Press SA, Bulldog Rosin Press, LTQ Vapor and DIY Rosin Presses are welcome.

Rosin Press Service and Refurbishment

We offer service, repair and refurbishment on almost all types of Rosin press both local and imported. Bulldog Rosin Press, LTQ Vapor Rosin Press, Warthog Rosin Press and more.

Extraction Consulting

We can assist with turnkey extraction solutions to get you from harvest to packaged product.

Custom Rosin Presses and Filters

We can manufacture custom Rosin presses and filters to almost any size.

SA’s Largest Range of Filter Bags

We have the largest range of micron filter bags under one roof in South Africa. As well as a large curated range of concentrate extratction, storage and consumption accessories. 


Client Testimonials

Absolutely incredible service and communication from Sean.
Charlene Chiang
Charlene Chiang
Exceptional service. Helped me every step of the way. Sean is truly an expert in the industry and I would recommend him a 100 times over.
Warrick Dawson
Warrick Dawson
I truly enjoy having my new press. Brilliantly done and a beautiful press!!!! I couldn't be more happier I will definitely be doing more business with Rosin Press Thank to Sean
Theodore Beukes
Theodore Beukes
Excellent service from Sean Hand, he let me know every step of the way, what the progress was and assured me it will arrive on the correct date. Super friendly with me and always ontop of everything. Keep up the good work Sean! Highly recommended
JD Trollip Films
JD Trollip Films
I had an issue that I discussed with Sean and he was nothing but helpful and displayed the most brilliant customer service. I refuse to order any dabbing related product outside of his website as I know that Sean will always be there ensuring I've received the best service possible. Rosin Press is outstanding! 10/10
keegan van der merwe
keegan van der merwe
Absolutely amazing build quality! I am extremely happy with the rosin press. Sean is quick to respond to queries and provides great service.
Mark Marouchos
Mark Marouchos
I bought one of these presses second hand and have been buying all the related equipment and consumables (filter bags, parchment, etc.) from RPSA and I have had an excellent experience everytime. Quick delivery. Good quality. Friendly service.
Marc Fourie
Marc Fourie
Amazing quality and well worth the price. The unit works well and does exactly what it says on the tin. Pair that with the amazing after-purchase service and help from the expert owner, and you have a sure-fire recipe for success.
Brian Edwards (Brey)
Brian Edwards (Brey)
I’ve had my rosin press (10 ton) for two years already (going on 3) and it’s by far the best investment I’ve made! It’s still in perfect condition and the elements heat up perfectly! It was also shipped impressively attached to its storage container, which I was a bit nervous about, as shipping could lead to disappointment but alas it arrived safely and unscathed! Sean was super professional and insightful and has plenty of information to part, a great ambassador for this business! I’ve also ordered rosin bags and plenty of silicon containers for my live rosin! Thanks to Sean and his team for running a really great company! Highly recommended!!!!
mathew fowle
mathew fowle
Excellent workmanship on the product and even better after sales support ???????? extremely happy with my purchase
christopher Glyne
christopher Glyne

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