Johannesburg, South Africa

Rosin Press South Africa

Hydraulic Pressure

Select from our 6, 10 and 20 Ton manual Hydraulic options

Temperature Control

Set upper and lower target temperatures for ultimate control

Max 110 Degrees C

Four 75W heating elements deliver balanced plate temperatures of up to 110 degrees C

Temperature Display

Track core plate temperatures to the nearest 0.1 degree Celsius


One year warranty and after sales support

Payment Terms

50% to secure your parts and order with the remaining 50% due upon proof of completion and prior to shipping. Contact us for more information or select the deposit option at checkout



What a proper piece of equipment. Well worth the wait and money. Pressing and getting results that are incredible. Did 100gs for someone today and got 400grms coming Monday. What a pleasure using your machine. 

20 Ton V3.0

Paul – Western Cape

What a combo 10 ton duel plate rosin press and the ultimate Dr Dabber Switch. Platinum Huckleberry Cookies gave a 20% return and that was literally my first try.

Thanks to Sean @rosinpress_za for absolutely hooking me up. The cheapest ‘production’ press in SA right now! I say ‘production’ press and by that, what I mean is, there is a press that’s just hit the market that is cheaper but it only does 4gs max at a time, so if you wanna throw in 15-25gs at a time then these presses are by far the cheapest available at the moment. Why do you think there’s a waiting list -CAUSE EVERYONE WANTS ONE!!!!!

10 Ton V3.0

Jevon – Cape Town

Highly recommend both the press and the company itself. Big thanks for great service and quality manufacturing.
No complaints from us down here in Cape Town

6 Ton V3.0

Damien – Cape Town

The construction of the press is neat and sturdy and I am impressed by the workmanship. It is not often these days that one comes across a product that one feels is worth the money, but this is one. The packaging is innovative and quite effective.
Please feel free to use my testimonial in your marketing.

Kind regards

20 Ton V3.0

Gawie – Centurion

The equipment preformed rather well and I was able to get a surprising quality from the input material. The construction and presentation is pleasant and the fact someone who has never so much as smoked rosin was able to use it with ease makes me very happy. The heating remained in it’s parameters and operated as expected. Worth the wait in my opinion.

20 Ton V3.0

Kio – Western Cape

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