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I run the business and manufacture the presses from my home in Johannesburg. It is an online only store and is not open to the public.

Given the nature of the industry and country we live and work in I prefer to not do collections for the safety of my family, home and workplace. All presses include free nationwide shipping to door.

If you want to protect your own address I can ship to your nearest PUDO location. These can be found here.

If these options do not work for you and you really need to collect please contact me first.

For Accessories:

Items listed as In Stock will ship the same day or next day depending on the time your order is placed. Items listed as On Backorder may take an additional day or two to restock from their supplier. Items that will take longer than this have a specified lead time in their description.

For Rosin Presses:

I am a one man operation and can only produce 2 to 3 Rosin Presses per week. This is generally higher than demand, as such there is often no ready to ship stock. The lead time is usually around 1-2 weeks but can be longer depending on demand. You can find out the current lead time and expected shipping week if you were to order now by viewing the Rosin Press pages in the store. I update the pages weekly to reflect the current expected lead time. If you are unsure or your needs are time sensitive please contact me before placing your order to discuss the timeline.

All three of the standard 6, 10 and 20 Ton presses utilise the exact same components. Same heated plates, same frame, same parts, with the only difference being the maximum pressure capacity of the hydraulic bottle jack used. The maximum pressure capacity impacts the quantity of material that you can press at one time as well as the height and weight of the press.

Approximate Quantities:

– 6 Ton: Flower 5g-15g
– 10 Ton: Flower 10g-25g
– 20 Ton: Flower 25g-40g

Work in progress - more info coming soon!

This comes down to a few factors:

  • Material quantities
  • Material types
  • Budget


Each press comes with what I like to call the Day 1 Starter Kit. This includes:

  • 5 Meter Roll of Parchment Paper
  • 1 Collection Tool
  • Magnets to hold your paper
  • A glass storage jar for your Rosin
  • Some sample filters for your first few presses

The filters used in Rosin Pressing come in various physical sizes as well as micron sizes.

The physical size impacts the quantity of material you can pack into your filter for processing. Common sizes are 2''x4'' (5cm x 10cm), 2.5''x4.5'' (6cm x 12cm) and 3''x6'' (8cm x 15cm). Consider the size of your press plates as well as the quantity of material you want to press when choosing the physical size of your bag.

The micron size refers to the level of filtration that the filter will provide. Common sizes are 25, 37, 90, 120 and 160 micron. The lower the number the higher the level of filtration. Sizes 25 and 37 are suited to Bubble Hash, Sift. 90, 120 and 160 are suited to Flower.

The trade off is purity versus yield. For example processing flower in a 90 micron filter will provide best purity with reduced yields as opposed to flower in a 160 micron filter will provide best yields with reduced purity.

The short answer is yes but with increased risk of blowout. They can be emptied out , inspected, cleaned in food grade Ethanol and reused. If there is any visible fraying or stretching then it should be discarded and replaced with a new one to avoid the risk of blowouts.

Bubble Hash and sift are less likely to fray whereas the seeds and stems in Flower have the potential to cause the filter to fray.

There is increased risk of dirt and mold contamination when storing and reusing filters, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned, dried and stored properly if you are going to do it.

Each press comes with a 1 year warranty that starts from the date of delivery. The warranty covers all costs associated with resolving any defects or failures that impact the normal operation of the press within the first year of operation. In this unlikely event the warranty will cover the cost to transport, repair or replace the necessary parts or press to get the unit back to normal operating condition.

Please see the Terms and Conditions Page for the full details.

Answer coming soon!

Please use the contact form on the website to send in your initial inquiry. Otherwise you are welcome to email me directly on

Yes I do offer service and repair on almost all types of Rosin press both local and imported. Bulldog Rosin Press, LTQ Vapor Rosin Press, Warthog Rosin Press and more.

Yes, I can help you find a buyer and facilitate the sale of your Rosin Press for a 10% commission. This includes inspection, cleanup, testing, photographing, website upload and marketing. All press models, Rosin Press SA, Bulldog Rosin Press, LTQ Vapor and DIY Rosin Presses are welcome. Commission does not include courier collection fees.

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