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Silicon Storage Containers (3ml, 5ml, 7ml, 9ml)


– Available in 3ml, 5ml, 7ml and 8ml
– Non stick silicon
– 7ml comes with a screw on threaded cap
– 3ml, 5ml and 7ml are round in shape
– 9 ml is square in shape

The containers non stick properties make it easy to handle your Rosin. Ideal for short term Rosin storage and for heat curing your Rosin. For long term Rosin storage, glass is preferable. Check out the glass storage jars by clicking here.

Bulk Unit Pricing Breakdown:

Quantity 3ml 5ml 7ml 9ml
1 R18 R20 R22 R25
5 R17 R19 R21 R24
10 R16 R18 R20 R23
20 R14 R17 R19 R21
50 R13 R15 R18 R19
100 R12 R13 R15 R18
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3ml Single, 3ml 5 Pack, 3ml 10 Pack, 3ml 20 Pack, 3ml 50 Pack, 3ml 100 Pack, 5ml Single, 5ml 5 Pack, 5ml 10 Pack, 5ml 20 Pack, 5ml 50 Pack, 5ml 100 Pack, 7ml Single, 7ml 5 Pack, 7ml 10 Pack, 7ml 20 Pack, 7ml 50 Pack, 7ml 100 Pack, 9ml Single, 9ml 5 Pack, 9ml 10 Pack, 9ml 20 Pack, 9ml 50 Pack, 9ml 100 Pack


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