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HashMaster – Commercial Rosin Press


Optimized for processing of bulk Bubble Hash and Sift. The HashMaster Rosin Press is the final product born from collaborations between RPSA and two SAHPRA licenced facilities.

The brief was to supply a robust press capable of processing 100g+ of Bubble Hash per press that also had pressure gauging and high accuracy temperature control. Large 25cm x 10cm heated plates coupled with high accuracy PID temperature controllers and a 12 Ton hydraulic ram came together to tick every box of their requirements.

For additional efficiency the HashMaster can also be supplied with a Hydraulic Foot Pump. This offers the operator increased efficiency by speeding up plate up and down times as well as freeing up the operators second hand. It also removes the physical effort required to operate the standard hand pump included with the press. The foot pump requires a compressed air supply of more than 90psi.

This beast is the largest and most advanced press we have made to date and we are proud to now offer it to you.

More reasons to utilize our next generation Rosin Press:

Take absolute control over your process and deliver consistent and repeatable results with pressure monitoring. Ideal for commercial operations and Rosin enthusiasts.

Monitoring pressure allows you to take control of one of the many variables of Rosin Pressing so you can dial in your process to produce the best possible Rosin from your material.

Control over pressure opens up the door to experiment with time, temperature and pressure recipes. Recipes that can open the door to a wide range of solventless SKUs, a huge opportunity for any operation. Read more on various solventless SKU’s here.

PID controllers utilize variable algorithms to plot and ensure that temperatures are highly accurate and stable throughout your press.

Having control over all major variables means processes can also be documented and trained so that multiple operators can produce the same results consistently. This also builds redundancy in your extraction operation.

Check out our Pressure Gauge Calculator here.


– 12 Ton Max Pressure

– Pressure Gauge

– 600W Heating (4 x 150W)

– Max Temperature 120°C

– Dual PID Temperature monitor and controllers

– Aluminium Plate Size: 250mm x 100mm

– 1 Year Warranty


– Nationwide Shipping

– Storage Box

Glass Rosin Storage Container

Wide Collection Tool

– Parchment Paper Roll

– Filter Bag


– Units are not completed and ready to ship. There is a manufacture lead time that applies. This is usually around 3 weeks depending on the existing order book. If you order is time sensitive please make contact before ordering to confirm timelines.

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