Johannesburg, South Africa
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Rosin Press (20 Ton) – Retired

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Orders on this product will open again in early February.

Version 3.0

Designed and manufactured in South Africa


20 Ton Max Pressure
640W Heating (4 x 160W) – Made in South Africa
Max Temperature 110°C
Dual Plate Temperature Monitoring
Dual Plate Temperature Control
Aluminium Plate Size: 140mm x 130mm
1 Year Warranty

Unit choice guideline: Consider material types and quantities:

– 6 Ton: Hash/Bubble Hash/Flower in small quantities (5g-8g)
– 10 Ton: Hash/Bubble Hash/ Flower in medium quantities (10g-20g)
– 20 Ton: Flower/Trimmings in bulk (25g-40g)


  • Nationwide shipping
  • Storage case
  • Silicon Storage Container
  • Silicon Tipped Collection Tool
  • 10m x 450mm Parchment Paper Roll
  • 160 Micron Filter Bag

Whats new in V3.0:

  • Replaced 2 x 200W rear mounted heating elements with 4 x 160W mid mounted heating elements for improved heat distribution.
  • Sourced the heaters from a local manufacturer rather than using imported electronics
  • Added handle to assist with balance during pressing
  • Replaced paint with a high heat resistant paint (1200°C rating)
  • Upgraded Warranty cover from 6 months to 1 year
  • Note: Stock is limited, due to high demand and limited production capacity presses can take up to 14-21 days manufacture and ship. If you are on a tight schedule please check in to see what arrangements can be made.

2 reviews for Rosin Press (20 Ton) – Retired

  1. PM

    Got the 20 ton press and I am super stoked. Was so tempted to buy a readily available machine but so glad that I stuck to my guns and ordered from Sean and Well worth the wait. Just pressed 7 grams with a 24% return. I cant wait to see what I get from my bud after a week in a jar with the free boveda that came with the machine as well as a small starter kit. The machine is super solid yet can be easily and quickly packed back into its box if you want to press at another location.

  2. Ulrich

    Fantastic machine, put together neatly and professionally. Controls are easy to understand and operate. Best value for money I’ve come accross and I’ve been looking around for long before I actually pulled the trigger. Functions as one would expect and looks great alongside all my other gadgets. Would be cool if more colour options were available.

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