Rosin Press (6 Ton)

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Version 3.0

Designed and manufactured in South Africa


6 Ton Max Pressure
800W Heating (4 x 200W)
Max Temperature 110°C
Dual Plate Temperature Monitoring
Dual Plate Temperature Control
Aluminium Plate Size: 140mm x 130mm


  • Nationwide shipping
  • Storage case
  • 5ml Storage Container
  • Silicon Tipped Collection Tool
  • 10 Pieces Parchment Paper
  • 160 Micron Filter Bag

Whats new in V3.0:

  • Replaced 2 x 200W rear mounted heating elements with 4 x 200W mid mounted heating elements for improved heat distribution.
  • Added handle to assist with balance during pressing
  • Replaced paint with a high heat resistant paint (1200°C rating)
  • Upgraded Warranty cover from 6 months to 1 year


V3.0 Overview Document

Note: Stock is limited, due to high demand and limited production capacity presses can take up to 14-21 days manufacture and ship. If you are on a tight schedule please check in to see what arrangements can be made.

Available on backorder

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1 review for Rosin Press (6 Ton)

  1. Damien Fortuin

    Highly recommend both the press and the company itself. Big thanks for great service and quality manufacturing.
    No complaints from us down here in Cape Town

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