Rosin Press (20 Ton)


Version 3.0

Designed and manufactured in South Africa


20 Ton Max Pressure
800W Heating (4 x 200W)
Max Temperature 110°C
Dual Plate Temperature Monitoring
Dual Plate Temperature Control
Aluminium Plate Size: 140mm x 130mm
1 Year Warranty


  • Nationwide shipping
  • Storage case
  • 5ml Storage Container
  • Silicon Tipped Collection Tool
  • 10 Pieces Parchment Paper
  • 160 Micron Filter Bag

Whats new in V3.0:

  • Replaced 2 x 200W rear mounted heating elements with 4 x 200W mid mounted heating elements for improved heat distribution.
  • Added handle to assist with balance during pressing
  • Replaced paint with a high heat resistant paint (1200°C rating)
  • Upgraded Warranty cover from 6 months to 1 year

V3.0 Overview Document

Note: Stock is limited, due to high demand and limited production capacity presses can take up to 14-21 days manufacture and ship. If you are on a tight schedule please check in to see what arrangements can be made.

Available on backorder

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