3”x6” Pre Press – Coming Soon!


Maximise Efficiency with a Prepress Mold.

It allows you to produce a dense and evenly compressed puck/brick which creates multiple efficiencies in your process:

– The compressed puck ensures even heat and pressure distribution from the very start of your press. Meaning all material is subjected to consistent conditions.
– Assists to create an even flow of Rosin.
– Reduces the risk of blowout
– It allows you to prepare multiple pucks before pressing that are easily inserted into the large filter bags speeding up your production.
– Where filtration is not required and you want to save on consumables it allows you to produce a puck that can be pressed without a bag.

3×6 Inch Prepress Mold
Locally Manufactured
Food Grade Anodized Aluminum
Pair It with our large Filter Bags

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